The Beginning of Many Adventures…

Recently, I’ve moved as far from home as its possible to move. Choosing to ‘up-sticks’ and leave the U.K for the Antipodes. As far from the U.K as you can get, New Zealand. Now, it’s not a place that I’m completely unfamiliar with. My partner is a ‘Kiwi’ and we’ve visited often during our relationship- even living in NZ for a short time. Aotearoa fascinated the first time I came. The mountains, flora and fauna were like nothing I’d experienced before. I think it sparked something in me. A thirst for adventure and want to get out and explore. I began investing more of my time into walking and hiking. Getting out as often as I could and seeing as much as possible. Spending time in N.Z even gave me a different perspective and appreciation for my own home in the U.K. I spent more time outdoors and explored all over the U.K in subsequent years. Eventually though, after hiking in some of the most beautiful places that Britain has to offer, it was time (as we’d always intended) to head to N.Z for good.

Now it’s time to explore this wonderfully diverse country on foot. Hopefully, through this blog, I can share with you my experiences as I walk through Aotearoa. Some walks may be well known and world famous, while others less popular. It will, no doubt, involve a learning curve for myself as I adapt the skills I have from hiking and walking in the U.K over to N.Z. Not every post will involve a five day epic alpine traverse- although I wouldn’t mind a few! No, some will be more modest walks that I can do in a day from my new home in Auckland. Wildlife and history will be at the heart of it all as plod around this incredible country.

Well, here goes…

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